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Best Image Compression Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking for the best image compression plugins for your WordPress website? Whether you’re looking to resize images, remove image meta data or just reduce the overall file size in general; we have tested over 20 WordPress plugins for optimising website images and listed our top 5 below! What is Image Compression? Image Compression… View Article

eBay SEO: How To Improve Product Listings

There’s no question that eBay has the power to expose your products to the mass market. With more than 165 million monthly visitors, eBay is a great marketplace for merchants looking to sell products online, however it’s easy to get lost in a sea of listings. eBay’s search engine factors in relevance, buyer behavior, and… View Article

How to Remove Structured Data from WooCommerce

Structured data is a vital to have on your website, especially if you’re running an online store. Your products contain a range of structured data which can assist in providing search engines with valuable data. While this benefits majority of websites, there are cases where you might need to remove things like stock levels or… View Article