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5 Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways For WooCommerce

Bitcoin Payment Gateways for WooCommerce Cryptocurrency - Springfield Digital 2021

If you’re looking to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment using WooCommerce, look no further.

The popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has surged in recent years and the rise of blockchain technology is here to stay. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation and it was created as a store of value and means to facilitate decentralised transactions.

While many holders of Bitcoin treat the cryptocurrency as an asset similar to that of Gold, others use the value of Bitcoin to purchase goods and services.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, it was only a matter of time before merchants interested in the technology wish to adapt business to accept payments in crypto.

As the leader of popularity in the world of crypto, Bitcoin is fast becoming frequently offered payment method with eCommerce websites. In fact, companies like Microsoft, Overstock, Starbucks, Namecheap and Wholefoods all accept payment in Bitcoin.

As an open source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce is leading the charge for adapting cryptocurrency payment gateways. The flexible eCommerce solution for WordPress offers a range of streamlined and easy to configure extensions to help your business accept Bitcoin online.

BTCPay for WooCommerce

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman.

BTCPay is a non-custodial invoicing system which eliminates the involvement of a third-party. Payments with BTCPay go directly to your wallet, which increases the privacy and security. Your private keys are never uploaded to the server. There is no address re-use since each invoice generates a new address deriving from your xpubkey.

You can run BTCPay as a self-hosted solution on your own server, or use a third-party host. The self-hosted solution allows you not only to attach an unlimited number of stores and use the Lightning Network but also become the payment processor for others.

To learn more and download plugin, click here.

Blockonomics – WordPress Bitcoin Payments

The Blockonomics WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept BTC and altcoins. The checkout process happens within your website. Purchases made to your website are instantly sent to your wallet, rather than to a payment gateway wallet. It supports all major fiat currencies and HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallets, including Trezor, Blockchain.info, and Mycelium.

To learn more and download plugin, click here.

Coinbase Commerce Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Accept cryptocurrencies through Coinbase Commerce such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash on your WooCommerce store. Coinbase enables businesses, individuals, and traders to transact digital currencies.

Its users can create digital wallets and start buying and selling bitcoins by connecting their bank accounts. Also, it provides many merchant payment processing systems and tools. Note, a Coinbase account is needed to use this plugin.

To learn more and download plugin, click here.


CoinPayments is currently serving 70,000+ merchants globally and offers real-time global payments with industry-low processing fees of only 0.5%. CoinPayments also helps reduced fraud risk with no chargebacks and also offers fiat conversion options.

CoinPayments is a robust digital currency payment solution allowing merchants to accept Bitcoin and over 1700 altcoins in their store through easy to use plugins, APIs, and POS interfaces.

To learn more and download plugin, click here.

GoUrl WooCommerce – Bitcoin & Altcoin Payment Gateway

GoUrl is a popular provider of online cryptocurrency payment solutions. Its payment platform enables vendors and consumers to transact with each other in an easy to use interface. Its payment gateway is based on a different technology than standard portals. It integrates into website pages so that no external payment pages open, unlike some other payment gateways.

The GoUrl WooCommerce plugin enables you to accept bitcoin and several alt-coins. You can choose from three payment integration options and receive payments directly. White label and subscription options are available as well.

To learn more and download plugin, click here.

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